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Victoria Smith

To date I have raised $200.00 of my $750.00 goal!

Help me reach my goal and beyond by donating today!

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It’s for the kids!
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Please help me raise money for one of the most caring and loving hospitals I admire.

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Donor Name Donation Amount Message
Anonymous 25.00
Kyleigh Reynolds 10.00 ????
Anonymous 50.00
Pam Smith 25.00
Grahame and Ange Bilbow 20.00 Hope you get lots of sponsors for this very good cause.
Breanne Selah 40.00 I love you. I am so proud of you for getting back into running, and the goals you have set for yourself...and accomplished!!! I'm in awe of the way you push yourself and those around you to be bette
Becky Williams 30.00