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Maggie Cope

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In Memory of Wheezy
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I will be participating in my 1st Half-Marathon in memory of Eloise "Wheezy" Owens and in honor of all the precious children that benefit from the AMAZING Children's Hospital on the daily. She was the most determined feisty girl and you would have never know she had a rare heart condition. I was a fortunate enough to get to coach Wheezy at summer basketball camp for 2 summers and she taught me so much about living life everyday to the fullest.

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Donor Name Donation Amount Message
Jill Belin 25.00 Go for it!
Angel Duncan 50.00 Good luck!
Douglas Warmer 10.00 Thank you Maggie for all you do!
Connie Nanney 40.00
Barbara Johnson 35.00 So proud of you!
Anonymous 50.00
Charity Hertzog 50.00 Proud of you for running your 1st half!
Tiffany Johnston 50.00 Go Mags!!
Jenni Howard 10.00
Charlotte Sandage 50.00 You got this!
Holly Nance 20.00 Run!!! Run Maggie! RUN!!!
Mickey Spillane 20.00 Cheers!
Rhonda Mitchell 50.00 Take Nike and addy with you
Amy Hughes 20.00 Proud of you Maggs!!
Debi Lowtharp 100.00
Jennifer Binnie-Poteete 20.00 Good for you Maggie! Best of luck!
Jill Belin 25.00 For Maggie Cope- Run!
Tony Almeyda 125.00
Anonymous 15.00 Good Luck!
Danielle, Jason, Clay Graves 25.00 Good luck, we love you!!!!