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Sidney Burgess

To date I have raised $275.00 of my $250.00 goal!

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To raise money for Arkansas Children's Hospital
My Story

I've always had this soft spot in my heart for children. This being a reason as to why I am pursuing a career in pediatric nursing. After doing my clinical rotations at Arkansas Children's in Little Rock I just fell in love with the hospital and the caring atmosphere they provide for their patients and families. Running a half marathon to some sounds crazy, but to me it is just a trial to better myself while being able to give to families that give up so much.

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Donor Name Donation Amount Message
Breahna McCool 15.00
Macy Webb 10.00
Macey Dennis 100.00
Carson Ayers 10.00 What is the dumbest animal in the jungle? A polar bear!
Nikala Bacon 10.00 Yay Sid!!!
Mallory Simer 10.00
Becky Burgess 15.00
Kristin Edwards 10.00
Macy Webb 5.00 GO SID!!!
Tori Underhill 10.00 Go girl!!!
Natosha Shirley 10.00
Madison Needham 10.00
Katye Rushing 10.00
Naomi Rheingans 10.00
Cheyenne Miller 10.00
Lydia Shearburn 10.00
Cesar Hernandez 10.00
Brittany Pehrson 10.00